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Therapeutic Massages - Improves your general well being, helps prevent injury, provides relaxation and relief from muscle soreness, headaches, and everyday tension.

Primary Modalities used in Therapeutic massage:

  • Deep muscular manipulation and movement education that corrects the effects of time, trauma, and injury have had on the body.
  • Includes assessment of performance and function to rehabilitate and improve function in the areas of sports, work, exercise, and general activities of daily living.
  • Stimulates the flow of lymph. Helps remove waste products and toxins which will reduce swelling and improve the functioning of internal organs and immune system.
  • A scientific bodywork modality designed to relieve trigger points and chronic muscular pain.
  • Powerful modality focused on lasting pain relief. Releasing bonds between fascia integument, and muscle with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion by applying compression in different direction or skin rolling.
  • Movements that will be performed on table during session and Specific recommendations to take home that will prolong results of you treatment.
  • Rapid Release Technology- High Speed vibration therapy that breaks up scar tissue so that the body can move freely. Help release trigger points and muscle spasms

$100.00 per Hour $125.00 per 90 min.

Each massage is tailored to your needs.

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