Medical and Relaxation Massage - of BRENHAM

 I am a Certified MMP I have had years of training and experience to offer quality affordable Medical Massage and pain relieving therapy. $100.00 per Hour, $125.00  90 Min.

  Medical Massage Therapy  Is an outcome- based, physician-directed and scientifically grounded healing modality.
Pain Relief and body Restoration!
 As with physical therapy sessions, Medical Massage sessions are for care and treatment of specific chronic or acute injury and/or physical conditions.
  Orthopedic Massage   Involves therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction.
 A unique multidisciplinary approach is utilized to restore structural balance throughout  the body  which will allow you to focus on the prevention and rehabilitation  of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, chronic pain and sports injuries.
 Please call for appointment 936-870-6226
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